Costco Yoga Pants


Today, most young women are looking for the perfect yoga pant. For those who can afford the steep prices, lululemon is the accepted brand for comfortable, stylish pants.

For those of us who aren’t rich, I’ve got the perfect place to find yoga pants. Costco. Yes it may seem surprising, and no you don’t have to buy your pants in bulk.

These are perfect yoga pants. They are a kind of nylon material that are really comfortable and look good, and come in various colours.

Depending on what time of the year it is, you can get pants, capris, or shorts in the same material. I recently got a pair or capris that are really comfortable, and almost like leggings, but with a little flare at the bottom so they aren’t so tight. They were only $16 and I would definitely recommend trying them out. Though you can’t try them on at the store, you could always buy a pair and try them on in the washroom so you could exchange sizes if necessary.

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  1. Costco has great yoga pants, they actually have lots of really nice clothes. And with all the lululemon see through pants issues in the past, who wants to pay over $100 for cheaply made pants anyways.

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