North River Kayaking

North River Kayaking

I’ve never been kayaking before. So, on our planning of this trip to Baddeck we decided to try it out. I have to admit I was a little terrified of rolling sideways and hanging upside down in the water, suspended by the kayak, but thankfully that didn’t happen. We arrived at the North River Kayaking stop just half an hour outside Baddeck at 9AM and everyone spent a little while getting acquainted, learning the ins … Continue reading

Sirius Free Trial


Sirius radio is a satellite radio package that most cars come equipped with these days. Our Ford Escape came with a Sirius button when we bought it a few months ago, but we never signed up for the service. Doing a little research recently we found out that there is a free three month trial of Sirius if your car is equipped with a sirius connection. So, we decided what’s a more perfect time than … Continue reading



I was watching The Social today and they mentioned an app for keeping track of all your loyalty cards. This is a struggle for pretty much everyone who stands at the front of a line and rifles through their wallet trying to find their card, not willing to forfeit points. This is an even bigger struggle at Fortinos, where customer after customer whips out their phone and tries to load their points card, only to … Continue reading

Treat Receipt

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Starbucks Treat Receipt promotion has just over a week left! Treat receipt means buying something at Starbucks before 2pm, and then if you return the same day after 2 you can use your receipt to get any cold grande drink for $2. The best part is – it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a drink before 2pm. Just find someone you know who goes to Starbucks and asked them to save you their … Continue reading



Just like font, I feel that colours can make or break a project. I spend far too long picking out my colour combinations and fonts every time I start a new design. A good colour combination can pull together any design, while a bad colour combination can ruin a great design. There are some really great tools out there, for picking good colour combinations. One of them is Adobe Kuler. It’s super intuitive and really … Continue reading

My favourite things – July


This is a new post I’ve decided to do on a monthly basis. What a better month to start than in July – the gorgeous peak of summer. This past month I’ve been starting to like pink a lot more – I never really liked it before, but it’s growing on me with all the flowers and pretty things this season. It’s the kind of colour that makes me want to go out in the … Continue reading

Lazing Around


I somehow got talked in to working 6-10 this morning facing the grocery shelves. Though I woke up exhausted, it actually wasn’t that bad. It was nice to get home at 10:15 when everyone else was waking up and I had already finished my work for the day and made some money. But, needless to say, I needed a nap. So, I gathered all my stuff and went out in the backyard to lie in … Continue reading

Placemat Wall Decor


Browsing around Jysk today with my mom we came across a lot of stuff on deep discount – if you can believe it, they’re already getting rid of their summer merchandise in preparation for fall. I found some beautiful placemats, and though I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, I bought a few. I got four lace looking plastic placemats, and four blue leaf type cut out placements. When I came home I … Continue reading

Thai Night


I’m a little in love with thai food. Ever since we stumbled upon the Thai Coconut on Fairview street I’ve been hooked. I gave up the thought of being able to cook pad thai at home after our tenth failed attempt, and have never really considered making anything else. However, I recently came across a recipe for Thai chicken tacos that looked delicious, so I decided to give it a try. It turned out delicious … Continue reading

Old Skirt Rework


I’ve had this skirt for years and though I’ve always loved it, it never fit very well. I’ve been keeping it around because the fabric is so beautiful, but I’d have to drop about fifty pounds to fit into it, and that’s definitely not happening. So today I decided to bite the bullet, and accept that it would never be a skirt (for me) again. I chopped it up and decided to use the fabric … Continue reading

Starbucks Steal


I like to browse around Kijiji in my spare time. It’s a great way to find deals. On my travels I came across a lady selling a Starbucks card with $185 on it, and she only wanted $120 for it. I managed to haggle her down to $100, and met up with her yesterday to make the trade. Sure – it might take me a long, long time to spend $185 at Starbucks (especially since … Continue reading

Storage Boxes


Every time I take a trip to Michaels I seem to find myself buying much more than I came for. This trip was for some cardboard bobbins to wrap my thread in, but I ended up hobbling out the door juggling a pile of storage boxes. They were on for 40% off and had a gorgeous floral pattern (as well as a popped pink interior) so I just couldn’t pass them up. They would have … Continue reading

Thread Sorting


It is my firm belief that everything looks better, colour coded. So, when I was cleaning out under my bed the other day and my bag of embroidery thread spilled out across my floor, I decided it was time to do a little sorting. I got some cardboard bobbins from Michaels for a few bucks, and got wrapping. It took me a little while but, luckily, I’m a multitasker, and I got it done after … Continue reading

Beach Towels

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 5.59.25 PM

The other day I was at Mapleview mall and I stumbled upon this gorgeous beach towel that was on sale for almost half off. (Regular $29 on for $17). Needless to say I had to have it. We’re going on vacation to nova scotia in a few weeks to visit my grandparents and I’m hoping there is going to be some laying around in the sun involved. The Bay is usually pretty pricey – but … Continue reading