3 Ways to Read Magazines for Less


Despite the fact that everything is online today, I still love reading magazines. Something about having the pages between your fingertips and the vibrant colours of the pictures right there in front of you is really inspiring. I love reading magazines when I need some inspiration (and am tired of Pinterest). One of my favourites is Chatelaine. They’re based in Toronto, and the magazine always has a really great mix of everything: recipes, fitness tips, … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – a Magazine, a planner, & a delicious burger

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 11.07.53 PM

This week I found a few really great steals that I’m in love with. I finally got the first magazine of my Chatelaine subscription – I ordered it a few months ago with my air miles points. Oddly enough, the magazine came the day after I sent Air Miles an email asking why I hadn’t received a magazine yet. It’s strange the way the universe works. I also ordered myself a day planner on Thursday. … Continue reading

The Perfect Time to be Thankful and Donate

Donating Clothes

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. Taking time to think about what we have – and what others might not – and being grateful for everything in life. I’ve also been thinking, and reading, a lot lately about living with less. Trying to only have things that make us truly happy rather than just surrounding ourselves with useless stuff. That doesn’t mean only having bread and water in your refrigerator or sleeping with only one … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving dinner

We had our thanksgiving dinner on Sunday (since my sister had to work at the restaurant on Monday). The food was delicious – as usual. And there were piles of leftovers – as usual. I think it might not be humanly possible to make the right amount of food on Thanksgiving. We brought out the fine china, ate all of our delicious foods, and then sat around watching movies in the evening. Thanksgiving is never … Continue reading

OSAP Tips and Tricks


The start of university or college is one of the most stressful and important times in many students life. You’re moving into a new home, starting at a new school and entering a whole new world of debt. Though post secondary is a big step and a lot of fun, this overwhelming debt can put a big damper on things for people who don’t have a trust fund or the parents willing to foot the … Continue reading

12 things to do with leftover turkey


No matter how much turkey you make for thanksgiving, how carefully you count out your guests and weight your bird, there will always be leftovers. It’s one of the most vital parts of this holiday. At the end of the meal when everyone’s falling asleep and unbuttoning their pants, there is always a plate of turkey left on the table. It sits in the fridge for the next few days and people slowly pick at … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – a Fancy New Purse & a Greasy Breakfast


Again this week I worked a tonne. Usually I’m only at about 28 hours a week, but this with people being on vacation and thanksgiving coming up, I had 40. That wouldn’t normally be too bad, but being on express and busy with lines extending around the corner every shift drove me a little crazy. Luckily my lovely boss let me off early today, so I had a nice shower and a nap and am … Continue reading

Colour Coordinate Your Gift Wrapping

colour coordinate wrapping

In an ideal world we’d all like to DIY our gift wrapping for every occasion. Birthdays, christmas, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, graduations – everything would be tied in a perfect little bow. You could have the perfect wrapping station that folds out from your closet or rolls around in a little set of drawers, and it would be as easy as pie. Then you could perfectly polka dot your wrapping paper like this, or maybe stamp … Continue reading

8 Ways to Change up Sweet Potatoes This Thanksgiving


Mashed sweet potatoes have always been a classic Thanksgiving dish around my house. To be honest, I never used to like them – they were always mushy and a little watery and just never tasted that great (plus I’m kind of picky). But after falling in love with sweet potato fries a few years ago, I decided to try the mashed sweet potatoes at thanksgiving. That also happened to be the year that my sister … Continue reading

Finish your Thanksgiving Shop Today


This Thanksgiving will be my eighth working at a grocery store, and let me tell you – Thanksgiving is crazy. Maybe even crazier then Christmas. Most stores are closed Monday, so there is the usual ‘we’re all going to starve if we don’t stock up now’ hysteria, and that coupled with the ‘we all need turkeys and a hundred potatoes’ hysteria is as crazy as it gets. By eight o’clock on Saturday morning my store … Continue reading

Act Fast – Society6 Artist Promo

Society6 Artist Promo

Society6 is a great place to get original artwork in any form you can think of – phone cases, pillows, shower curtains, laptop skins, coffee mugs – whatever you can think of, they do. I’m somewhat of an insider, because technically I’m an artist on Society6 (I just have one of my owl designs up for purchase there, though I plan to be adding more soon). But, as an insider, I get emails notifying me … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – Sushi, Pretty Wrapping and an Apple Farm

apple farm gourds

I did a lot more working than shopping this week – but still had some fantastic finds in between. We found a new sushi restaurant in Oakville that sells 12 california rolls for $5. And they’re not some poor quality old sushi either, they were delicious. It’s an adorable little pink building on Stavebank called Sushi in the Sky. This week I also fell in love with a store in Appleby Village called Big Deal. … Continue reading

DIY Pumpkin Decor


I don’t know who ever decided that pumpkins would be the themed vegetable of October, but they were brilliant. Seeing pumpkins makes me want to throw myself into a huge pile of leaves in a field and drink warm coffee and wear tall boots and bundle up with 100 layers I don’t need. It’s strange that pumpkins could connote something so elaborate, but alas, they do – for me anyways. Every October we carve pumpkins … Continue reading

Explore Nuit Blanche this Saturday


This Saturday October 4th is the 9th annual Nuit Blanche event to take place in Toronto. Nuit Blanche is an overnight extravaganza where streets are shut down, galleries are opened, and every space imaginable is transformed into a work of art. This free event opens up contemporary art to any kind of spectator, and brought in over a million people last year. “At its core, Nuit Blanche is a 12-hour event with a mandate to … Continue reading