Easter Monday


Like most holidays, the day after all the hype is over, everything goes on sale. I worked at 9 am this morning, and when I arrived all of our Easter candy was already marked down. All of our easter plants like hydrangeas and lilies were also marked down to almost half price. So, ultimately this means that if you don’t absolutely need the stuff for Easter, don’t buy it. Wait until the next day. If … Continue reading

iPhone Cases


On my travels through Dixie Outlet Mall last night I also came upon a store called Urban Planet. It’s a clothing store that’s geared more towards teens, but they also have a nice accessory section. I took a look, and found a stand with iPhone cases in literally every colour. I’ve been wanting to get a new, cheap case to take with me to Europe, since the one I have right now is more decorative … Continue reading

Salt n Pepper


Tonight we took a drip into Mississauga to visit some family. My sister wanted to stop by the Michael’s store in Dixie Outlet Mall to look at some scrapbooking stuff, so I wandered around while she was there, since I definitely don’t need anymore scrapbooking stuff. I stumbled upon a sale section at the back of the store where a bunch of Ashland collection ceramic stuff was on sale. I saw these owl salt and … Continue reading



Today my family and I went to The Works for their 13th anniversary special. There were no tricks or strings attached, their sale was $5 for a burger and side. Just as advertised. We ended up waiting about 50 minutes for a table. The line wasn’t too long. It curved from the hostess booth, down the hallway and out onto the sidewalk a bit. Though it was a little chilly, we only had to wait … Continue reading

Walmart Shoes


I love shoes from Walmart. They are always cheap, comfortable and always changing. Every time I go there they have new shoes to try on, and I almost always find a pair I like. Of course, I have way too many shoes, but I like to tell myself that every pair serves its own purpose. I’ve gotten some of my favourite shoes over the years from Walmart. Today I found a nice lace pair of … Continue reading

The Works Anniversary Sale


Great news! The Works is having an amazing sale. The Works is a burger joint that started 13 years ago and since then, locations have been popping up across Ontario as they expand their empire. The Works is not just your average burger joint though, they go beyond the typical bun and meat sandwich. The Works specializes in crazy combinations and huge hearty burgers. I usually make pretty boring choices. My favourite is the Man-o-war, … Continue reading

Bluetooth Roll-up Keyboard


I’m typing this post right now with my new bluetooth keyboard that came in the mail today. I have to say, it’s going to take some getting used to, but I really like it. I’ve wanted a folding bluetooth keyboard for a while now. Typing long blog posts on my phone when i dont have my computer is really tough and takes a long time. I decided that I definitely wanted to get one when … Continue reading