Best Before Dates and How They’re Wasting Your Food

best before dates

Every so often, we go through our refrigerators and our cupboards, searching for something to eat, and realizing that what we find is past it’s best before date. Yogurt, condiments, cheese, salad dressing, everything has a best before date. The other day I found a bottle of half used caesar salad dressing in my refrigerator that expired in May 2013. We tossed it out immediately. The salad dressing was almost two years past due, so … Continue reading

How to Make a Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator

clipping mask

Clipping masks are something that not a lot of people know much about – but they can take your designs to an entirely different level. They can spice up a simple piece of text, add beautiful patterns to a standard vector, and add a little umph to almost any shape. What is a clipping mask? A clipping mask is an object that masks (or hides) other artwork, so that you can only see the artwork … Continue reading

Clothes Shopping Habits That are Costing you Money

clothes shopping habits

I know for some people, myself included, clothes shopping can be a weakness in the budget. I love clothes. I have way too many, and can never have enough. I do try to find the best bargains on clothes, and I usually stick to a pretty minor budget. Though there are a lot of ways to save, there are also a lot of bad shopping habits that can get in the way. If you want … Continue reading

Free Apps to Help You save Big on Groceries

save on groceries

Your weekly grocery shop can be a huge portion of your monthly budget if you’re not careful. Depending on where you shop, how many people are in your family, how often you shop, and how eager you are to save, you’re grocery shop can range from just a few dollars to hundreds. In my family, our biggest problem is that we run to the store every time we need something, rather than making a list … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – Boxing Day Finds

scrapbooking pages

This week the only shopping I did was on boxing day. I worked at 1, but before hand we managed to run out and find some great steals. I was hoping for the project life stuff at Michaels to be on sale like it was last boxing day, but unfortunately it wasn’t. However, I still managed to get a tonne of gorgeous scrapbook paper – some of which was even cut to the right size … Continue reading

Inexpensive DIY Christmas Hostess Gifts

christmas tree

Around the holidays, parties are coming up almost every weekend. Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, people find whatever excuse they can to throw a party. Since showing up to a party empty handed isn’t something you like to be doing, and bringing chips or pops went out of style in the eighth grade, you’re going to need some hostess gifts on hand to bring whenever there is a need. But, you also don’t want to blow … Continue reading

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas wish list

This Sunday I can’t reveal any of the steals I found, because most of them are gifts – I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Instead, here is my christmas wish list for this year! I don’ have expensive taste most of the time, so I prefer lots of little things rather than one more expensive item. This year there are a couple books on my list, a couple drinking containers, a few other little … Continue reading

Ten Gifts for a Crafter Under $20

gifts for a crafter

General Crafting Supplies The good thing about going gift shopping for crafty people is that their interests are generally very easy to pinpoint. If they craft in general then you can get them anything from glue to glitter, and if they have a more specific interest, the craft store will direct you in the right direction. There are specific areas for everything from scrapbooking, to quilting, to knitting, and there are lots of things in … Continue reading

Freebie – Christmas Shopping List Printable

christmas shopping list

If you’re anything like the average person, you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet. Sure, you might be ahead of the game and have everything bought, wrapped, and under the tree already, but that’s unlikely. If you do, kudos to you! But, if not, you’re likely scrambling for gift ideas, days to go shopping, and a way to keep it all organized. I’ve got just the thing! Print of this pretty christmas shopping list and … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – Lotions, More Winter Sweaters & Real Pants

bath and body works tote 2014

I was working on Friday this week, so didn’t get to go out for the Black Friday craziness – though I don’t think I’m too disappointed. I did, however, go out on Thursday to a few stores that were having early sales. They were still pretty busy, but nowhere near as crazy as they would have been Friday. I think I’m happy to have avoided the rush, and still found some great deals for this … Continue reading

Ten Gifts for a Blogger Under $20

gifts for bloggers

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, it means you’re probably trying to think of what to get someone for Christmas, and that someone is probably a blogger. Now I do understand that, of course, all bloggers are unique and each one has their own different interests and passions, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to generalize. And my generalizations will probably be right nine times out of ten. So here are some … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – Haagen Dazs and Comfy Sweaters

haagen dazs peppermint bark

This week’s Sunday Steals include a new flavour of ice cream that I found and just had to buy. Peppermint Bark flavoured Haagen Dazs. I don’t usually buy Haagen Dazs but this flavour was on sale and was a delicious combination of all my favourite things – peppermint, white chocolate, and more chocolate. Plus I love any excuse to eat anything Christmas-y at this time of year. When I do buy Haagen Dazs on rare … Continue reading

Sunday Steals – Bazaars, Gift Wrap and Holiday Drinks

christmas wrapping paper

This week I found some great deals – and you might be able to as well. Although it’s only November 16th, it seems that all my finds this week were Christmas themed. I guess I’m in a festive mood! Around this time of year is when local churches and community centres start having their annual Christmas Bazaars. Last weekend my elementary school church had their bazaar, and yesterday my preschool had their bazaar. If they … Continue reading

Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Starbucks Holiday Drinks 2014

Starbucks holiday drink special is back! Buy one get one drink free from 2-5pm starting today. This special last’s for five days so if you’re a big Starbucks fan make the trip at least twice! Rather than thinking of one full priced drink and one free drink, take a friend and split the cost. That’ll mean you’re both getting a drink at half price. I kind of consider this the real signal that it’s Christmas … Continue reading

Flipp – the flyer app to save you time and money


If you’re trying to save, and spend a good portion of your time every week flipping through flyers and trying to find the best deal, then this flyer app is for you. First of all, it’s free. You download it and enter your location, and it comes up with flyers for all the stores in your area. You favourite the flyers – basically saying ‘yes’ to the stores you actually shop at, and then it … Continue reading