Side Table Space Makeover

Side table Makeover

My side table is a dangerous place to be. It’s not as tall as my bed, so at least once a week, when I’m reaching around digging for something in the dark, something goes crashing to the floor. You’d think that would be the reason I decided to make it over, but that’s not even the case. What really made the decision for me was the little light I have. It’s from Ikea and it’s … Continue reading

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Clothes

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Clothes

I’m on a bit of a clothes diet right now. In a nutshell, I have way too many clothes. My closet is full, my drawers are full, a have a bucket of summer stuff in another room. Too many clothes. Yet, I still wear the same stuff all the time. When I find something comfortable that I love, I wear it a lot, and though I try to put on other stuff before leaving the … Continue reading

50+ Free Things You Can Get on Your Birthday

50 free things you can get on your birthday

There are a lot of email programs that are worth signing up for because of email sales and coupons that you receive. But, a lot of programs also give you free things on your birthday – to encourage you to stay signed up all year long. Here’s a list of all the things I know of – so sign up, and don’t pay a cent on your birthday! I decided to do this before my … Continue reading

eBay Finds and Things to Consider Before Buying

eBay purchases

I love Ebay. You can find almost anything on the site and most of the time prices are amazing. I started buying from them a few years ago, and ever since I’ve gone there for all the small things that I need. I don’t buy clothes or electronics or anything like that from them, but smaller things like craft supplies and phone cases are reliable and really well priced. Though shopping on Ebay is a … Continue reading

Seven Frugal Apps You Need to Download Right Now


I’ve been an iPhone user for a while now, and I’ve been a frugaler for even longer – so it only makes sense that I have all the apps necessary to save money. And, of course, all of these apps are free – since it takes a really good app to actually convince me to pay. All of these apps I use on my iPhone, so I’m not sure if they’re available in Adroid version, … Continue reading

I am Rich and So Are You

I am Rich and So Are You

The other day while browsing I stumbled upon a post that really inspired me. We are Wealthy and Why it Matters by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist – you can read it here. It’s articles like this that make me start thinking about things, and likely wander off on a tangent. It made me realize something that I never have before. I am rich. Let me start from the beginning. A huge part of my … Continue reading

Free Things to Do This Family Day

Free things to do this family day

Starting in 2008, Ontario started to have a holiday on the third Monday of every February called Family Day. It started off in Alberta in 1990, and then slowly started catching on across the country over the years. In my opinion it’s not as much of a holiday in Ontario, but more of a day off – just a long weekend. Though it is nice that work is closed and we get holiday pay. This … Continue reading

Things You Should Always Stock up and Save On

stock up and save

Don’t you hate being forced to buy something at a high price, just because you need it right away? You can’t go without eating or doing laundry just to wait for a sale, so paying full price is the only option, right? Wrong. This might be true for things such as milk and vegetables that have a short lifespan, but for most other things this should not be the case. There is no reason to … Continue reading

How to Calculate a Sale Price in Your Head

how to calculate sale price

Math has always been something that came really naturally to me. I didn’t take it in school, and it has nothing to do with what I do for a living, but I’ve always been good at it. That being said, I know that a lot of people struggle with it. This makes figuring out little things like how much to tip and what a sale price is are tough to do on the spot – … Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Your Netflix Subscription

netflix subscription

I’ve seen numerous commercials lately for all these subscription services that are coming out. Shomi, Crave, Hulu Plus – there are so many options out there. My family has had Netflix for a while now, and we’re happy with it. At only a few dollars a month, any of these services is a great alternative, or add on, to additional television. The only danger is if you sign up for the service and then never … Continue reading

Best Before Dates and How They’re Wasting Your Food

best before dates

Every so often, we go through our refrigerators and our cupboards, searching for something to eat, and realizing that what we find is past it’s best before date. Yogurt, condiments, cheese, salad dressing, everything has a best before date. The other day I found a bottle of half used caesar salad dressing in my refrigerator that expired in May 2013. We tossed it out immediately. The salad dressing was almost two years past due, so … Continue reading

How to Make a Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator

clipping mask

Clipping masks are something that not a lot of people know much about – but they can take your designs to an entirely different level. They can spice up a simple piece of text, add beautiful patterns to a standard vector, and add a little umph to almost any shape. You can read the rest of this post on our new site The White Corner Creative.

Clothes Shopping Habits That are Costing you Money

clothes shopping habits

I know for some people, myself included, clothes shopping can be a weakness in the budget. I love clothes. I have way too many, and can never have enough. I do try to find the best bargains on clothes, and I usually stick to a pretty minor budget. Though there are a lot of ways to save, there are also a lot of bad shopping habits that can get in the way. If you want … Continue reading

Don’t Shop Somewhere Just for the Points

just for points

I think that earning points can be a great way to save money. If you’re going to spend money anyways, why not earn points on it? I use programs like PC Plus and Air Miles to build points on every day purchases, and Scene points to go to the movies. And with apps like Stocard that let you store all your cards in one easy place, there is no reason not to participate in as … Continue reading