JYSK Bedspread Steal

Jysk Duvet Cover

A little while ago I was browsing around Jysk and came across some really beautiful duvet covers. After having a little trouble deciding on sizes (I ended up buying a Queen to fit my double duvet) I bought two duvet covers. One was $14 and one was $23. On a slightly off topic side note, Jysk only sells duvet covers in twin, queen and king – no double/full. The sales lady tried to tell me … Continue reading

School Snacks – Divide and Conquer

School Snacks Divide and Conquer

Buying snacks can be an expensive part of any family’s weekly grocery haul – especially during the school year. When I was younger, going to the store and picking out my favourite school snacks was really exciting. But now looking at all the packaging and waste that comes with buying individually packaged snacks is tough. It’s also crazy to see how much more you pay just for them to package the snacks individually, when you … Continue reading

How I $aved

By no means, am I claiming to be some wizarding, financial guru. I know next to nothing about banking, I definitely couldn’t advise you on how to maximize investments, and I don’t have any crazy money making schemes. What I do know though, is how to make the most of what you have. My entire lifelong income has come in over the past 7 years working as a cashier in a grocery store. I started … Continue reading

Owl Flower Vase

Owl Flower Vase

Today my boss talked me into buying this owl flower vase from Fortinos – thank god, because I’m kind of in love with it. It was on sale for only $13 and is gorgeous, so I had to have it. I wanted to use my PC points, which means I had to spend over $20, so I got some flowers to bump up the price. I think it’s the perfect welcome for September and fall. … Continue reading

Back to School


I used to love going back to school shopping – buying all my art supplies and pencils, colour coordinating my pencil case with my binder. It was so exciting back then. I think teachers used to even give out lists of what you needed to have for the school year. Maybe I’m just imagining things. In high school the fun part of back to school shopping was always looking for deals, at least for me … Continue reading


Raspberry Lemonade

This weekend a friend of mine invited a bunch of us out to her family home in Trowbridge, outside of Listowel. On the way there we stopped by St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market. It’s Canada’s largest year-round farmer’s market, and has things like produce, flowers, food trucks, wines, jams, clothes, and little flea market booths like you would find at the exhibition. I fell in love a little. If I lived around there I think I … Continue reading

Paper Straws

Paper Straws

I love paper straws. No matter how awful or tasteless a drink is, paper straws disguise its flaws. Not to mention they make pictures look deliciously gorgeous – when I see a picture of a drink with a paper straw in it I immediately want to drink it, regardless of what it’s made of. So, needless to say, I’ve been trying to get my hands on some for a while. I keep my eyes open … Continue reading

Birds of Prey


My love for owls is nothing new or secret – I usually have one somewhere on my person – earrings, necklaces, rings, I even have a shirt that I happened to be wearing today. One of my bucket list items for a while now has been to see a real owl up close. I guess I kind of wanted to hold or pet one, but realistically I’d be much too afraid for that. Today I … Continue reading

Windy Sails


Today’s activity was a scheduled sailing trip out and around the bay in Baddeck. We boarded the boat with about thirty other people, and at the last minute a family with about twenty kids came and wanted on board. The captain was pretty laid back so he just let them come on and sit wherever they could find some space. We sailed out and around the edges of the bay, seeing a lot of beautiful … Continue reading

North River Kayaking

North River Kayaking

I’ve never been kayaking before. So, on our planning of this trip to Baddeck we decided to try it out. I have to admit I was a little terrified of rolling sideways and hanging upside down in the water, suspended by the kayak, but thankfully that didn’t happen. We arrived at the North River Kayaking stop just half an hour outside Baddeck at 9AM and everyone spent a little while getting acquainted, learning the ins … Continue reading

Sirius Free Trial


Sirius radio is a satellite radio package that most cars come equipped with these days. Our Ford Escape came with a Sirius button when we bought it a few months ago, but we never signed up for the service. Doing a little research recently we found out that there is a free three month trial of Sirius if your car is equipped with a sirius connection. So, we decided what’s a more perfect time than … Continue reading



I was watching The Social today and they mentioned an app for keeping track of all your loyalty cards. This is a struggle for pretty much everyone who stands at the front of a line and rifles through their wallet trying to find their card, not willing to forfeit points. This is an even bigger struggle at Fortinos, where customer after customer whips out their phone and tries to load their points card, only to … Continue reading

Treat Receipt

Image 1

Starbucks Treat Receipt promotion has just over a week left! Treat receipt means buying something at Starbucks before 2pm, and then if you return the same day after 2 you can use your receipt to get any cold grande drink for $2. The best part is – it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a drink before 2pm. Just find someone you know who goes to Starbucks and asked them to save you their … Continue reading



Just like font, I feel that colours can make or break a project. I spend far too long picking out my colour combinations and fonts every time I start a new design. A good colour combination can pull together any design, while a bad colour combination can ruin a great design. There are some really great tools out there, for picking good colour combinations. One of them is Adobe Kuler. It’s super intuitive and really … Continue reading